Saturday, December 26, 2009

Charleston 101 Walking Tour Intro

Welcome to the first edition of the Charleston 101 Walking Tour blog site. I hope you will enjoy reading about Charleston through this blog and will undoubtedly want to visit the "Holy City." Through the postings on this site, you will read bits and pieces of the information that you can hear first-hand on the actual Charleston 101 Walking Tour.

For beginners, did you know that Charles Town (now Charleston) was initially part of the vast colony of Carolina which, until 1721 encompassed all the land that is now the Southern half of the U.S.? This early colony was ruled by eight English businessmen rather than the British crown. Charles Town was often under attack by French and Spanish forces, since explorers from those countries had visited the area as early as the 1530s and considered the terrain their own. As a result, the English settlers in Charles Town erected a wall around their small city, making it the only British walled city in North America.

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