Friday, April 2, 2010

Just Another Day in Paradise

All anyone wants to talk about right now is how gorgeous things are around here, thanks to the sudden burst of color. My favorite flowering tree is the beautiful peppermint peach tree that's in Washington Park. Branches on one side of it have flowers that look like peppermints - white with a pink line going through them. The other side has branches with darker pink flowers. Gorgeous all the way around! Also, the wisteria just blossomed overnight and is beautiful on Meeting Street near First Baptist Church High School. Azaleas popping out in different places and will likely be in full bloom in Hampton Park by next week. If only we could hang on to these flowering delights all year! But then again, we probably wouldn't appreciate them if that were the case. Plus, their burst gives us something to look forward to each year. There is nothing like Charleston in the spring!

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