Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Time to Remember

I just got exciting news that the marker commemorating the 230th anniversary of the siege of Charles Town (the longest of any city during the Revolutionary War) will be erected on Wednesday, May 12. The city fell to the British after 42 days of fighting, and the Royal Army occupied the city for the remaining two years of the war. However, the war continued in the backcountry (other parts of the state) under the direction of heroes like Francis Marion (aka the Swamp Fox). Thanks and kudos go out to a young 26-year old man from Virginia, Mark Maloy, a history buff and re-enactor, for orchestrating this much overdo recognition of the men and women who so valiantly and fervently displayed their belief in the independence movement. Come to the Green (Marion Square) and see history unfold again as Charleston recognizes its rightful place in this chapter of the Revolutionary War.

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