Friday, February 11, 2011

Not Just for SEWE

The College of Charleston has ongoing exhibits that will appeal to animal and nature lovers who will be attending the Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE). On permanent display at their Addlestone Library is a copy of John Audobon's "Birds of N. America". It is open to two pages, and every day, the pages are turned. It is said that if a freshman visited the library every day and viewed the pages displayed each day, he would have viewed the entire book at the end of his 4 years. Cool, eh? All that for free. They also have on permanent display in the Natural History Exhibit in the Liddy Science Center some really cool fossils of mammals that roamed the Lowcountry 23 million years ago! A huge 30 foot long lizard and a 7 foot tall pig are only a couple of the 2,000 fossils in the collection. And you can view these for free - and not just during SEWE. But SEWE's as good a time as any to visit these 2 amazing exhibits!

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