Thursday, February 10, 2011

We're Off and Running

We've made it through January, so we're on the way now! With February comes the Southeastern Wildlife Expo - something akin to celebrating the new year in Charleston! All the wonderful exhibits and demonstrations will bring us out of hibernation - and not a bit too soon! What a winter! I'm viewing today as the last cold dreary day we'll have - obviously wishful thinking - but, between weather forecasts that offer us sunny days and temps in the low 60s for the next week and the excitement surrounding SEWE next weekend, the worst has got to be behind us! So happy 2011. And be sure to get out there to check out something at SEWE - the schedule of events will be published in an insert in the Post and Courier, and yours truly wrote the lead article on the featured artist, Eldridge Hardie. (This year's poster is from one of his paintings.) Remember, there's nothing but blue skies from now on!

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